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Though most of the older stuff – more or less everything but Memory Affairs (as 12″ effect vinyl) – is currently unavailable: In case an album can potentially be acquired by purchase you will find unmistakable hints right next to the record cover.

My gang of electronically re-educated donkeys is working on digital re-releases of a choice from these records.

For more information about the releases feel free to click on any item that succeeds to catch your attention.

2012 – Memory Affairs (Vinyl LP)

Record Cover, Clark Nova - Memory Affairs, Vinyl 12inch

2012 release of Berlin’s LoFiBlues Desparado. Available on vinyl only. Includes download code for MP3 songs.

Recorded  on 1/2-inch 8-Track and 1/4-inch 4-Track.

Including recordings from Novasound/Monobisquits Studio, Clark’s home, and a live recording of Mäkkelä and Nova.

Buy for € 18,- or read on! [zwo_cart:Clark Nova MEMORY AFFAIRS – vinyl:price:18:end]


2004 – Dog E. P. (CD)

Clark Nova - Dog E.P. 2012 Front Cover


 2003 – Dead Fish I Best (CD)

Clark Nova - Dead Fish I Best - Front cover


2001 – Outtakes (CD, Cassette)

Clark Nova - Outtakes Front cover



1999 – Good Morning, Francis B. (CD, Cassette)

Clark Nova - Good Morning, Francis B. - Front cover


Accepted payment methods are cash, several digital ways, kauri shells, and used donkeys (mint condition only).