Memory Affairs

Clark Nova – Memory Affairs   |   Release: May 2012   |  €  25   – nearly sold out

Record Cover, Clark Nova - Memory Affairs, Vinyl 12inch

Vinyl (2-color!), 12 inch, € 25, only a few left!

Memory Affairs – Album Excerpts

Memory Affairs – Track Info

A1, B1, A6 recorded 2008 at Novasound Studio on 1/2 inch 8 track
Clark – armchairs, banjo, bass, bontempi, guitars, vocals
A2, A3, B2 recorded 2007 and 2012 at Monobiscuits Studio and Novasound on
1/2 inch 8 track by Clark and Boris Klabunde
The Bellman Boys: Tom Diesel – drums, Tomi Simatupang – guitar,
Simon Brach – upright bass, Clark – guitar, vocals
A4, A5, B3, B4, B5 recorded 2012 at Novasound Studio on 1/4 inch 4 track
Clark: guitars, stylophone, vocals
B6 2011 at Piatto Forte Berlin by F1 Studio on modern portable recording device
Martti Mäkkelä – mandoline, Clark – guitar, vocals
Copyright and all songs by Clark Nova.

I want to express sincere thanks to F1 Studio / Franz Rodeck and Frank Johannes Photography who did an excellent job in a time frame that didn’t leave much options.

Also thanks to Teosto for their quick and competent support.