Activity Report: Booking, Planning, Preparations

Ahoy everybody!

Thanks to all those of you who showed up on one of the most recent gigs. And thanks to Tom, Laura, Sebastian, Tory and all of you who were involved in making these gigs happen.

Origin of Laphroig WhiskeyI have a newsletter list which I use to contact you more or less regularly. Mainly the news are about gigs but of course if you’re on the newsletter you’re among the first to know about new recordings, outrageous stories and affairs, projects and releases. And once in a while I’ll even distribute some songs / recordings digitally that way: For example when you sign up for the newsletter you will get a free mp3 download right away.

Merch Table Laura Bean Clark Nova BerlinFor the next days and weeks there is some work waiting for me: Tour booking for Italy in April will have to be closed soon. And a summer tour in June with Grae J. Wall and Dez Paradise through Germany is in the coming. Then “The Bellman Boys” will have to be set up properly and once that is done, we’ll be talking about autumn touring. About that I don’t have a distinct idea yet where it is going to happen. Any suggestions? Let me know where we should go! Totally open to any country or region, so send me your suggestions or post them in the comment section!

Besides all of that this year will hopefully see another studio visit of the Bellman Boys and me to record more of our agnostic prayers. Working title of the record: “The Dark Side of the Loo”. 

This EP will definitely be NOT be released before the summer isn’t totally and absolutely over. It’ll be a record that requires short days, long nights and a genuine November feeling to live up to its name.

Anything else? YES: Please consider buying my current record “Memory Affairs”. It does not only have a couple of donkeys on the front cover – it is genuine audible documentary of some of the rarest animal breeds of this earth: Recordings of the almost extinct Finnish Mandarin Elk next to the rare Indonesian Slyfingertupang, you’ll hear the rattling snort of the Two Stroke Gasoil Wolf accompanied by the deep roar of the Subsonic Simoanian Brokodile. Reason enough to listen to the songs now!

Drunken Piano at Fabelhaft, Kreuzberg

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