Clark & Donkey Lotta as Playmobil figures

Clark Nova’s record Memory Affairs got playmobilized

Clark Nova Memory Affairs - Playmobil Donkey and ClarkAn incredible gift has been handed over after the Mäkkelä & Nova gig yesterday in Kofferfabrik Fürth!

Clark & donkey Lotta including carrot and buttons (see picture below!) in an almost full-size replication!

Impressed, honestly moved, and also slightly confused about the unexpected multiplication I  am deeply grateful for this wonderful present.  Thank you very much, C.S.! I always loved Flamingos and am already considering another pet-related record cover for the follow up!

Clark Nova as Playmobile figure with Badges!Tomorrow we’re heading even more South to Denkmal in Salzburg where they invented Mozart and named him after his famous balls.

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