Aloha Ho! Clark Nova & Tom Diesel play Tiki Heart, Kreuzberg this Sunday

Aloha Ladies, Dear Desperados!

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Clark Nova live

Sunday, 3. Feb., 7pm
Tiki Heart, Wiener Strasse
Facebook Event

Some people don’t know about it at all. Others think it is a tall and very old wooden man. Still others consider it a reptile commonly found clinging to the wall.  The Norwegians just think of wooden rafts. And the Swiss might just think of a fizzy powder sweet. We are talking about: Tiki.

Time for Clark Nova and The Bellman Boys aka Tom Diesel to make clear what, where and why  Tiki is:

  1. It is good. It has a heart. A Tiki Heart.
  2. It can be easily found: It’s just next door from its elder brother Wild at Heart.
  3. It is the place for the next gig of Clark Nova & Tom “Bellman Boy” Diesel
  4. It is a sunny place.
  5. Therefore we play there this Sunday, February 3rd, 7pm


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