Yet another short tour: Grae J Wall & Dez Paradise (UK) + Clark Nova

Grae J, Dez, and Clark: Tour from airport to airport. By car.

in a couple of days there is a new small tour going to start. On Monday morning I will return from France with a ridiculously early flight, just in time to meet Grae J Wall & Dez Paradise at the coffee bar in Berlin Schönefeld.

Portable Squawkbox Applikatzion: 

As you can see – it is a restless world with reckless musicians and music lovers in it. In order to keep up with this, I have made a historical experiment: I have put a Donkey and a Reel-to-Reel recorder and squeezed them into a little modern phonebox. The outcome is the official Clark Nova Android App! It’s free, so download it now!

Grae J Wall & Dez Paradise - German Tour with Clark Nova

White Trash and dark circles

We will then head to the probably weirdest Burger Restaurant north of River Elbe – White Trash Fast Food to play the first of a couple of gigs together. Well, and we’ll have to take it from there, rough schedule:

May 21, – Berlin: White Trash Fast Food
May 24, – Nuremberg: Kunstverein
May 25, – Secret Gig – watch out for news!
May 26, – Bernhausen: Anker
May 27, – Burgkunstadt: Roesla
May 28, – Berlin: Dilemma with numerous additional artists such as Clive Product, Mark L. Johnson, and of course the Fish Tank!

I am seriously looking forward to being on tour with these two blokes and am already laughing my a** off when I try to imagine in which condition we are obviously going to be on Monday night… Be there or you’ll never know!

Memory Affairs Release Party

What’s left to write down for now is a preview: the date for the Record Release Concert has been fixed. Save the date! And I am waiting for the confirmation of a very special guest for the release night… so more news is yet to come!

Don’t forget to consider buying the new record ;)




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