Hi all ,

I just wanted to announce three short messages:
1) Clive and Grae invited me to play two concerts with them next week, so here are some details about the things to come:
2) Did the last rough mix of my current recordings – things are at least moving on.
3) I got a new guitar

As always – key data for the next weeks:

Thursday 03.04. – BERLIN, Troedler *
Saturday 05.04 – LEIPZIG, Noch Besser Leben *
Saturday 03.05. – BERLIN, Troedler °

* w/ Clive Product, Grae J. Wall & Simon Hinksman (The Last Banditos, St. Albans, UK)
° w/ Roman Wreden & Boris Klabunde

And: Yet another mission is almost accomplished: once again I faced the tapes containing a crude assortment of sounds and songs which I recorded in 2007. And once again I did the roughest mix ever in order to get the shit in shape. And as well I found a nice outtake – which I do not want to keep back from you, so here is a tiny music player to introduce this sketch to you which I found on the tapes when mixing the album. I must have recorded it after some “official” take… Nothing more than a sketch – but here it is:


More outtakes from the current recordings on Please be aware that these outtakes are not going to be on the record for not having passed the QA!

About the new guitar: It’s not to be heard on the track above – as you already might have guessed. But it is an acoustic one so I will be focusing the wooden part of lofiblues…

That’s all for now, looking forward to seeing those of you who will make it to one of the shows above.

so long

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