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Heya outlaws and outlawesses,

summer is gone and with autumn appearing berlin’s skies are clearing up. october is nearing and with it five of my last concerts for this year:

Oct 17th – FÜRTH, raum4
Oct 19th – TBA
Oct 20th – LEIPZIG, Cafe Panam
Oct 27th – BERLIN, Troedler

you’ll find some of these and other dates in the calendar, of course.

Last weekend MÄKKELÄ’s Astro Jet has been stolen after show in Hamburg. It is a yellow ’65 or ’66 Gretsch Astro Jet and represents – besides Maekkelae himself, of course – a remarkable piece of MÄKKELÄ’s TRASH LOUNGE. The worst thing at all: There is almost no chance to find a replacement. Details, contact information, pictures, and more to be found on the myspace-sitehttp://myspace.com/maekkelaestrashlounge

Give or take some minor and major thieveries – so far it has been a fabulous year, I got in touch with Martti again, toured with Klabunde even twice, regained ground in recording and started with the new record, actually even finished the record last week – give or take some minor or major thieveries, the record will be hopefully be released in spring, and now we’ll see what autumn brings – and what will be left when winter comes.

Johnny Zabala sang “on a day like that/I wanna stay in bed” and I get that feeling that this is a headsup of what 2008 is gonna taste like – no more smoking cigarettes and diesel engines in berlin city sound like the situation in Berlin was going to be clearing up a lot. What will we be seeing then – but who knows?

so long

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