Clark & The Bellman Boys play Sowieso on Saturday

Acoustic Concert: Sat, 28.9., Sowieso Weisestrasse 24 

Dear Ladies & Deserados

Not too long ago The Bellman Boys & Clark were hanging out some odd and of course overly hip spot in Neukölln. The occurence all three of them were about to make was not at all linked to the concert in Sowieso on Saturday, September 28th or to be precise: had no forseeable relation to what was about to come. Neither had anybody guessed that it would happen still before the last leave had fallen onto Berlin’s twilighted cobblestone streets.

It was a lovely pre-summer afternoon as a bird which actually just intended to lit down on Tom Diesel’s new rattlesnake skin sandals had a stroke and crashed into the fencing post he intended to land upon.

No doubt the bird poo itself would have been enough for unforeseeable consequences if it had not been for Mr. Van der Kemp, an emerited Dutch nobleman whose preference for tiles from Rixdorf and puppetry…

To learn the full story of Clark, The Bellman Boys and Mr. Van der Kemp meet them all:

Clark & The Bellman Boys live
Sowieso, Weisestrasse 24, Neukölln
SAT 28.9. | 8.45pm

Thanks for reading, telling everybody, getting drunk before noon, getting drunk after noon, coming to the gig!


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