Last Gigs of 2013: Ma Thild (w/ Crappydog, NL) & Tiki Heart w/ The Bellman Boys

In short:

  • Concert tonight
  • Concert on Sunday


Before I tell you about the Gig with Tom & Gidi aka The Bellman Boys on Sunday 15th in Tiki Heart and also before you will be able to read about the concert tonight, Fri 13th in Ma Thilda Bar I am going to tell you why you should watch the video you will find on the bottom of this little read.

It must have been 10 years ago when I first heard of a Dutch bluesman by the name of Erik Vandenberge. It was not long until I got hold of some of his recordings of his and I was instantly spirited by the rough, lofi-ish but straight forward an honest sound and authenticity of his songs. Somehow I was made believe that he had recorded his songs in a tent on a harvested field and imagined the scenery to be misty and cold and damp. His stories were, not unlike many others from the blues genre, about leaving (or being sacked), coping with life (or better: keeping on by avoiding perfection and convention) and wooden shoes (ofc, since he’s from Holland).

At some point, it meanwhile was 2005 or 6 when I (re)discovered Erik’s website and decided to drop him a line: A confession of my affection to his music and of course a request for some gigs together. Well, and this summer, exactly on July 16th this request found its answer.

And tonight, at 8.30pm sharp, we will play Ma Thilda Bar in Neukölln together: I will start solo with a couple of songs and afterwards Crappydog, Eric’s three-piece-band from Vlissingen, NL will follow shortly after. I saw and heard them yesterday in Franz’ Container doing their live/video recording session and for me personally it was – if not fully at least close to – a revelation.

I tell you one thing: If there is just one reason for you to read this, there is a hundred reasons not to miss Crappydog tonight.

Crappydog, Support: Clark Nova

Fri, Dec 13th, 8.30 pm, Ma Thilda Bar, Neukölln, Wildenbruchstrasse

Clark Nova & The Bellman Boys

Sun, Dec 15th, 8.30pm, Tiki Heart (Wild at Heart), Kreuzberg

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