Doctor Sudden’s old time Hootenanny


as i tried to imagine what nikki himself would have said about his own passing i thought that he would have been arguing with the angel that took him across for that there still were and are too many things to be done.

on october 28th in 2003 nikki started Doctor Sudden’s Old Time Hootenanny for the first time. and that is what we’re going to tie up to next friday, march 29th 2007, picking up his words “IT’S GOOD TO PLAY MUSIC”.

but this message is not only announcing this to you – you are invited to come along and play some of nikki’s songs if you like to but as well some of your own songs. just leave a short message which and how many songs you are going to play and which instrument you are playing and who is going to join you.

march 20th – BERLIN, hotel bar (mitte)**
march 23rd – BERLIN, troedler (kreuzberg)**

march 29th – BERLIN, Bellman Bar (kreuzberg): Doctor Sudden’s Old Time Hootenanny

Doc Sudden's old time Hootenanny
you’ll find these and other dates in the calendar, of course.

thanks for announcing, recommending, forwarding.

so long

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