ladies and gentlemen,
my dear desperados,

it feels like decades had passed since the day martti and me met for the first time. it was back when times were hard for more-or-less-young musicians such as us, times where a pfennig spent meant losing a deutschmark. roughly.

as well i can’t quite remember, by whom we might have been introduced. sometimes i thought that nikki had done so, but then i realized that i probably introduced nikki to grae and clive. well maybe it was harry but at least – MARTTI MÄKKELÄ & CLARK NOVAwhere do i know him from? well, back then when i met martti, grae j., and clive for the very first time, they were doing the ANGLO GERMAN LOW STARS’ (starring: CLIVE PRODUCT, COLT aka. nowadays HF COLTELLO, ERICH A., GRAE J. WALL, ANDY “K-BONE” KEEBLE, and MÄKKELÄ’s TRASH LOUNGE) last UK and GER tour gig in kreuzberg in order to continue their recordings in some studio in potsdam the next days.

we had a couple of (or one quite long??) intoxicating nights in kreuzberg and what i still can recall is grae j. preaching the considerable advantages of “just do it! vs. the difficulties that might occur concerning the trademarks of a greek goddess.

whatever, i guess it might have been one of my better ideas to drop in at martti’s newly reopenedfinnish record store KIOSKI in fürth some weeks ago when i was travelling across bavaria. it was just good talking to him again and seeing that he is well off and all that stuff. by the way we found out that he was going to have a day off in berlin in april and so we quickly decided for a joint venture that is going to be premiered the very forthcoming saturday evening, april 21st: MÄKKELÄ’s TRASH LOUNGE meets CLARK NOVA’s LOFIBLUES!

dang – here comes MÄKKELÄ’s TRASH LOUNGE’s tour schedule for the very next days:

april 19th – BRAUNSCHWEIG, roter korsar (dibbersdorf) w/ kürsche and lutz drenkwitz
april 21st – BERLIN, troedler (kreuzberg) w/ clark nova
april 25th – FÜRTH, raum4 w/ billy paradiso

you’ll find some of these and other dates in the calendar, of course.

and – by the way – thanks for announcing, recommending, forwarding.

so long

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