LoFiBlues v.2.0.1


It is a pleasure for me to tell that this page has been rrrrrrrrrelaunched!

Some technical information:

This page for sure is viewed with Mozilla’s Firefox, so I just recommend that interesting browser to you. Of course this page should be viewable with Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari or which other machine you may use – but maybe you’ll get to known some “features” I didn’t intend to put in the source code. So, if you happen to find one of these features called bugs, feel free to leave a message in my inbox.

Next technical thing is: I couldn’t keep the requirements as low as they’d been with LoFiBlues.com v1.3: If you want to listen to the songs in the store room you’ll definitely need a Flash Player. But I’ve been told that this thing had become some kind of standart, too…

Next concerts, as well to be found in – of course – the calendar

march 09th – CLAUSTHAL ZELLERFELD, kellerclub im stuz*
march 10th – SCHWAEBISCH HALL, anlagencafe*
march 11th – BAMBERG, blues bar*

march 20th – BERLIN, hotel bar (mitte)**
march 23rd – BERLIN, troedler (kreuzberg)**

* w/ klabunde
** w/ fuse-empire

Well, and if you happened to have been one of this afternoon’s visitors of this page, you may already know what comes now. It is the recommendation to visit my News-Archive Admittedly still maybe appear to seem quite empty. Well, it still is. But soon you’ll find yesterday’s journals there.

And now, at least, for those who cannot get enough of good old red:

Of course LoFiBlues.com v1.3 is still online. But who knows for how long…?

That’s been all folks, let me know if there is something to know. I’m gonna do the same to you.

Cheers and so long

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