Nikki Sudden Tribute


it’s time to say “hi” in general!

-> CLARK IS BACK IN BERLIN – bringing with him lovely girl and dog.

the first flood of strange happenings has passed, three suitcases are already empty (the boxes? – i don’t even dare looking at them!) and rehearsals were good.

it’s time to say “hi” to ZEPPY!

-> CLARK NOVA FIVE still growing – number of musicians now four.

my band clark nova five which was formed in 2002 by Tom Diesel, Johnny Zabala and Clark Nova now has a new member: Zeppy now plays the organs, harmonas, casios… all the instruments that neither Clark nor Johnny were able or willing to play. –> see clark nova five.

and it’s time to say “hi” to NIKKI, and “farewell, my darling”,
and it’s time to say “hi” to NIKKI’S SONGS!

-> NIKKI SUDDEN TRIBUTE NIGHT – august 31 (today!), 8.30, Roter Salon

as not only some of you but merely all of you will now, on march 26th Nikki Sudden has left leamington spa, berlin and new york and all the other places of this weird globe and moved over to his brother epic.

so it is time to say a loud and sounding “hi!” to nikki.

and this is exactly what axl van windhoek, carsten jägler, big sleep, anastis, tish hinojosa, don chambers, tine neumann, sanni baumgärtner, clive product, stephan zehle, ralf noack, tom, keely and sean with boris, clark nova, johnny zabala, tom diesel, zeppy, kitty solaris, steffen schlosser, rod miller, elisabeth wood, john c. barry, tommy, einar stenseng, chris damien doll, al deloner, simone weikelt, david judson clemmons, jan hampincke, james schmidt, mark, joe and tony, joe armstrong, stephane doucerain, jon, bruno adams, phil shoenfeld, carl, max decharne, jowe head, dave kusworth, eammond duffy, dave twist AND YOU will do TONIGHT at ROTER SALON.

best wishes to all of you – see you tonight.



Official Postcard for Nikki's Tribute night.


Roter Salon
Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz
10178 Berlin-Mitte
8.30 pm.

(in alphabetical order)

Anastis (Vintage&Used):
Big Sleep:
Clark Nova Five:
Don Chambers:
Comedian Pharmacists:
Max Decharne (Flaming Stars):
Al DeLONER (Midnight Choir Mastermind):
Chris Damien Doll (Trashcan Darlings):
Fatal Shore:
The Fullbliss:
Impure Thoughts:
Methylated Spirits:
Clive Product:
Kitty Solaris:
Einar Stenseng:

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